Why We Love Organic Herbal Products

With a recent boom in CBD and hemp products, it is no wonder that some confusion arose pertaining to product labels, especially those containing the word “organic”. Many consumers aren’t certain whether “organic” is a marketing buzzword or if it holds actual weight when it comes to such products. That is why our reliable organic herb store gives an overview of organic CBD in the following text.

Organic Hemp – What It Is

The hemp plant is made up of hundreds of compounds, one of which is cannabidiol, also known as CBD. It can be extracted and processed into numerous different health products, including organic CBD oil. What the term “organic” denotes is that the plant itself was grown without the introduction of any pesticides, genetically-modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, and other contaminants. When you see “USDA Certified Organic” on a label, it means that the growing and processing conditions have been inspected by a government-authorized certifier. When it comes down to it, “organic CBD oil” means that the plant was grown under the aforementioned conditions and the oil itself was extracted and processed with no synthetic additives.

Why Opt for Organic CBD

Organic hemp, and therefore CBD, is cleaner, as it is free from synthetically-grown pesticides and fertilizers, and it has not been genetically modified. This makes it a natural product and counted among clean herbal remedies. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers can drain the soil of its nutrients, and some studies have shown that fruits and vegetables grown with the use of certain pesticides may cause allergic reactions. Additionally, chemical pesticides have a detrimental effect on the environment, according to some studies. Purchasing safe and natural products from an organic herb store will assure that you will ingest products free of synthetic chemicals.

Types of Organic CBD

Here we have a quick overview of some CBD products available on the current market:

  • Organic CBD Wax
  • Organic CBD Isolate
  • Organic CBD Topicals
  • Organic CBD Vapes
  • Organic CBD Edibles
  • Organic CBD Pills and Capsules

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