Natural Herbal Remedies: More About Our CBD Pet Products

Our pets can often benefit from the same medications we take – you may have even noticed in the past when taking your four-legged loved one to the vet that the antibiotics or pain relievers he gets prescribed are the same types your physician prescribes you, only in a much lower dosage. Dogs and most animals have the same system as humans that is the main pathway for interaction for CBD use. For this reason, you should not be surprised that there are plenty of CBD pet products available out there.

At Greenwood Farm CBD Dispensary in Loganville, GA you can find a selection of canine treats and soft chews made of the highest quality industrial hemp planted, harvested, and extracted right here in Denver, Colorado. The extracts used for the making of these natural herbal remedies for pets have a naturally high CBD level and an abundance of other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBCB, CBN, CBD-V, CBG, terpenes, essential amino acids, and flavonoids.

Our treats are perfect not only for dogs but cats also. They are veterinarian-formulated, beef-flavored and easy-to-digest; all that while also offering the same profile of compounds found in CBD extracts for humans. By offering these natural herbal remedies in a full-spectrum extract, we guarantee the highest possible efficiency out of the product. The additional benefits of terpenes and other cannabinoids are retained, so our furry friends can enjoy all of the great CBD action we know and expect.

Some veterinarians recognize the benefits of CBD pet products when the animal is suffering from an illness, injury, or just reached the peak of its life, and suggest CBD to pet-parents as an alternative to heavy medication. Adding the treats and soft chews we sell to your dog or cat’s daily routine has the potential to improve their overall health. If you incorporate CBD in your pet’s treatment plan, we guarantee noticeable results in just a week or so.

To learn more about our shop in Loganville, GA or find out what else we can offer you, contact Greenwood Farm CBD Dispensary at (470) 448-3000 now. Our team will be happy to address your concerns.